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Jun 14, 2024   ·  1 min read

Wow... I never thought that I'd be this excited about a calculator. Check out this demonstration of the new Calculator app coming with iPad OS 18!

June 1, 2023   ·  3 min read

Another monthly installment in a playful series to forecast the daily Bitcoin price (USD) over the next month. New posts are published on the 1st of each month.

May 30, 2024   ·  1 min read

Check out my demonstration on how Comet’s MLOps platform seamlessly integrates with your existing code, infrastructure, and workflows to track, audit, and monitor your ML models — from training runs to production.

May 23, 2024   ·  5 min read

In a world where AI will continue to define the century, correctly weighing the trade-offs between building vs buying AI solutions will be a key differentiator for yourself and your organization.

May 1, 2023   ·  3 min read

Another monthly installment in a playful series to forecast the daily Bitcoin price (USD) over the next month. New posts are published on the 1st of each month.

April 1, 2023   ·  3 min read

Another monthly installment in a playful series to forecast the daily Bitcoin price (USD) over the next month. New posts are published on the 1st of each month.

Mar 31, 2024   ·  1 min read

A demo is just that – A demo.... but this is an interesting one that adds to my excitement for the future.

Mar 1, 2023   ·  4 min read

The first entry in a playful series to forecast the daily Bitcoin price (USD) over the next month. New posts will be published on the 1st of each month going forward.

Feb 21, 2024   ·  1 min read

I had a chance to demo the Apple Vision Pro!

Jan 17, 2024   ·  1 min read

I'm surprised it's taken so long for people to start actually talking about Optimus.

Cleaning and Working with DataFrames in Python

Dec 28, 2023   ·  2 min read

My course is available to watch on Pluralsight!

Dec 8, 2023   ·  5 min read

I'm now an MLOps Engineer at Comet.

Nov 15, 2023   ·  6 min read

With my team, we developed a novel and successful new approach for deploying remote workstations for data scientists.

Oct 26, 2023   ·  5 min read

I currently work on the Data Science & Machine Learning team at Pluralsight, a leader in online education for tech skills. We've got some amazing things on the horizon as a team that I'd love to bring to your attention.

Using Comet ML for Experiment Management

Oct 22, 2023   ·  3 min read

New tools are coming out every day that can make our work easier within the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. Comet ML is a promising tool that offers a platform with several helpful features, one being experiment management.

Sept 27, 2023   ·  5 min read

I’m writing this article to offer those close to me at least one reference in their personal/social network that understands Bitcoin.

Sept 25, 2023   ·  6 min read

Here are 20 important questions to have documented for any of your AI/ML/DS models!

GitLab CI/CD for Posit Connect

Sept 23, 2023   ·  5 min read

Posit Connect is a service offered by Posit, formally named Rstudio, and is designed to make the delivery of data-driven applications (i.e., dashboards, notebooks, APIs, etc.) fast, approachable, and secure. This article shows how to publish applications to Posit Connect using GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

Introduction to the Tidyverse, an R Package

Sept 16, 2023   ·  9 min read

The Tidyverse is a modern approach to R that narrows the number of packages that new users need to know to just eight powerful and cohesive packages. If you are new to R, there is no better place to start learning than the Tidyverse.

SSH for Data Scientists

June 19, 2023   ·  5 min read

SSH is an important, yet commonly ignored, skill for Data Scientists. Most programs/courses won't touch on the topic, so here's a brief article to give you some foundational SSH skills.

Using MLOps at Your Organization?

Mar 5, 2023   ·  1 min read

I spoke at the local MLOps Community meetup. My team and I hosted the event at our Pluralsight HQ in Draper, Utah.

Choosing Your MLOps Stack

Feb 26, 2023   ·  4 min read

No single tech stack works for every organization, thus it’s important that DS/ML/AI teams consider their needs carefully in-line with their current needs and priorities. 

Ways to Learn Python

Feb 17, 2023   ·  2 min read

Don't be afraid to approach how you learn Python in a variety of ways. 

Tools for Programming When Learning Python

Feb 16, 2023   ·  2 min read

Details on the IDEs and package/dependency management tools I use when developing in Python.

Python Modules & Packages

Feb 15, 2023   ·  3 min read

Amongst the thousands of modules and packages for the Python language, here I share the ones you should first learn, along with some of my personal favorite.

Python Fundamentals

Feb 14, 2023   ·  2 min read

This article shares important context on some of the fundamentals of Python. I recommend coming to understand these concepts right away when you start learning, such as functions, classes, data types & structures, and modules & packages.

Programming Basics with Python

Feb 13, 2023   ·  2 min read

Before you start learning Python, I recommend first learning some basics about programming in general.

A Brief History of Python

 Feb 12, 2023   ·  2 min read

Released back in 1994 by Guido van Rossum, Python is now the most popular programming language in the world. 

How I Failed the CKA Exam

Feb 7, 2023   ·  3 min read

I didn't pass my CKA exam, but I learned a lot through the process. Here's my advice and lessons learned from taking the exam and what I plan on doing before I take it again.

Jan 25, 2023   ·  2 min read

I gave a "lightning talk" at the local MLOps & AI meetup last night, where I shared an interactive Kahoot poll to gauge the community's opinions, understanding, and tech stack in MLOps.

What Are APIs?

Jan 12, 2023   ·  3 min read

API stands for "Application Programming Interface" and is one of the most important pieces of a software service.

How I Learned AWS

Dec 7, 2022    ·  6 min read

Cloud computing skills, like AWS, are amongst the most sought after in the industry. Having these skills can make you highly employable, with average salaries being over $100K. 

Learn How to Program in Python

Oct 13, 2022   ·  15 min read

Python is the most popular programming language in the world. This article is for beginners who want a comprehensive overview of the language to help get them started.

How to Share Your Monitors Between a PC and a Mac

Sept 3, 2022   ·  3 min read

A guide on how to easily share your monitors between two computers, along with the hardware needed to do so.

What is MLOps?

Aug 25, 2022   ·  5 min read

"MLOps" stands for Machine Learning Operations and is a discipline that aims to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science into software systems.

Aug 8, 2022   ·  4 min read

How I set up my home office, along with the tools and products I find useful.

Aug 6, 2022   ·  3 min read 

I use Google Sites to develop and maintain this website. These are some of the details on the specifications, tech stack, and plans I have for

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