AI at Pluralsight

Oct 26, 2023   ·  5 min read

I currently work on the Data Science & Machine Learning team at Pluralsight, a leader in online education for tech skills. We've got some amazing things on the horizon as a team that I'd love to bring to your attention.

Pluralsight is a diamond in the rough amidst an oversaturation of mediocre and AI generated content. The platform takes a curated approach in gathering impactful and useful educational tools, ranging from traditional video courses to now AI assisted learning in your work environments.

The way we learn is changing...

Pluralsight's Developer Success Lab has recently shared their findings around current sentiment from technologists on AI. Here are some the main highlights from this research:

Because of this, Pluralsight aims to evolve the learning journey to more effectively educate, immerse, and create new experiences for learners with AI.

The following section shows some of the features and products Pluralsight is making available to technologists to better keep up with AI and integrate it into their learning.

Pluralsight's AI Offerings

Educational Content

Pluralsight has thousands of pieces of content that are adjacent to or directly related to AI:

AI Assistant

Pluralsight is creating an AI assistant to serve as an expert tutor for its learners inside our already cutting edge, educational platform:

Learning Bridge

Pluralsight is bridging the gap between learning and action, with a new and innovated combination of its two main products: Skills and Flow. With this new innovation, companies will be able to effectively understand a team member's aptitude based on real commit data from that team member.

Interactive Sandboxes

Want to practice using GenAI for your own projects? Pluralsight offers a variety of hands-on labs that offer safe and interactive sandboxes to learn about this quickly evolving space!


As you learn a new tool, it's helpful to track your progress. Pluralsights Skill IQ assessments help you know where you're current skill gaps are and provides you with AI-recommended next steps for you to learn more effectively.

Highlights from Pluralsight's Navigate Conference

To learn more about the above features, checkout the following highlights from our Navigate conference!

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