Cleaning and Working with DataFrames in Python

Cleaning and Working with DataFrames in Python

Dec 28, 2023   ·  2 min read

My course is available to watch on Pluralsight!

Cleaning and Working with DataFrames in Python is a 45-minute course, broken into three main modules. You'll learn all about the importance and utility of DataFrames, along with how to work with them through exploratory data analysis, data cleaning, column management, and more! 

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As an independent author on the side, I've spent a good chunk of my free time over the past year to get this course out there. I'm hoping to continue to improve my teaching abilities so please DM me with any helpful feedback or initial takes that you might have from watching my course! I already have my first batch of updates that I will be uploading 😁

If you're curious, here are the tools that I used to create this course:

Davinci Resolve

A free color grading, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production video editing application.

OBS Studio

A free and open source application for video recording.

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