Lightning Talk Survey Results - MLOps & AI Meetup

Jan 25, 2023   ·  2 min read

I gave a "lightning talk" at the local MLOps & AI meetup last night, where I shared an interactive Kahoot poll to gauge the community's opinions, understanding, and tech stack in MLOps.

As Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) continues to evolve, I've been wanting to narrow in on the community's current understanding and collective approach to what MLOps is and how to do it. Naturally, that can be a big undertaking. 

Thankfully I had the opportunity to attend the local MLOps & AI meetup last night and chose to give a "lightning talk" to the group. Instead of giving a traditional talk, I chose to poll the community with an interactive Kahoot poll that consisted of short and simple questions on MLOps, like "What IaC tools does your MLOps team use?"

The following graphs show the responses to my Kahoot poll. There were ~40 attendees at the meetup, of which most participated in this brief survey. You can hover your mouse over each graph to get a dynamic display of the exact number of votes placed on each response.

How do you abbreviate "Machine Learning Operations"?

Does your organization have a dedicated MLOps team?

How long has MLOps been a priority at your organization?

Which programming languages does your MLOps team use? (Select all that apply)

Which IaC tools does your MLOps team use? (Select all that apply)

Where is your MLOps team deploying their infrastructure? (Select all that apply)

T/F - MLOps aims to accelerate the development and adoption of AI/ML/DS products.

T/F - The role of MLOps spans across data, software, and model engineering

T/F - MLOps is an evolving discipline that is being further defined each day.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope to do more polls like these in the future.

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