Setting Up a Modern Home Office

Aug 8, 2022   ·  4 min read 

How I set up my home office, along with the tools and products I find useful.

Working remotely over the past few years has taught me some things about working from home. The main take-away being the importance of having a space that is (1) clear of clutter, (2) flexible, and (3) comfortable. Since then, there have been a few iterations of my desk and home office, starting with an in-office desk, to temporary solutions throughout Covid, all the way to my latest home office setup (Shown below).

I've spent a lot of effort these past couple of months researching products and tools to give me a space that I now really enjoy working in. The following details share what I've added to my home office to make it (1) clear of clutter, (2) flexible, and (3) comfortable, much of which you can also find in my Shop page.

1. Make it Clear of Clutter

"Michael: They say a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. I say an empty desk means an... Dwight: Empty mind." - The Office (Season 2, Ep. 13)

Having my office clean and clear of clutter helps inspire me to do my best work. Two things that have helped me do this for my desk have been (1) consolidating all of my connections and (2) cable management. 

Consolidate Your Connections

What I mean by "consolidate connections" is to minimize any redundant cables, combine their use across devices, and centralize their connection points. I did this through the use of a docking station, an AB switch, and a power strip.

The impetus for consolidating my connections was the fact that I had a Windows PC for personal use and a Macbook for work. Both of these had to share my external monitors, speakers, keyboard, and mouse, which created an awkward mess of redundant cables sleun across my desk and floor. Not only that, every time I wanted to switch computers I had to to reroute certain cables to make it all work Very annoying. 

This was resolved by plugging in all of my external devices (i.e., Monitors, speakers, etc.) into a docking station and adding an AB switch as the intersection between my docking station, PC, and Macbook. Using an AB switch allows me to switch my external devices between my PC (e.g., The "A" connection) and my Macbook (e.g., The "B" connection) with the press of a button. For more information on how to set this up, checkout my other article on How to Share Your Monitors Between a PC and a Mac.

How to Share Your Monitors Between a PC and a Mac
How to Share Your Monitors Between a PC and a Mac

Cable Management

Cable management pairs nicely with what I shared above. As you consolidate your cables and connections, it makes it really easy to neatly bundle your cables together and put them out of site. I did this using cable trays, zip ties, and zip tie mounts on the underside of my desk.

After bundling all of my cables, I centralized all of my power connections to a single power strip. I chose this one, because I could screw it to the underside of my desk. Out of site, out of mind. Also, do yourself a favor and remember the importance of a "surge protector." If you are like me, then you'll have important devices being plugged into the same outlet and you don't want any harm coming their way! 

As a side note, a non-essential upgrade that really helps  keep my desk clear of clutter has been my dual monitor mount. Suspending monitors in the air gives a lot more space and flexibility to a desk.

2. Make it Flexible

The flexibility of remote work makes working from home appealing. With that, why not also make the way you work from home flexible?

One of the best upgrades I've made to my office was the addition of a standing desk. However, I wanted something a bit more custom to my needs. Fortunately, I already had a table top that I liked, so all I needed was the addition of motorized legs to my desk. This was significantly more affordable than buying a pre-assembled standing desk of equal quality. With this addition, I can sit, I can stand, and I can even walk! I got an under-the-desk treadmill to help keep me fit during my work meetings    Check out how I also use this to help me learn tech skills

The most recent addition to my office has been a mounted whiteboard on the wall. There are some problems that I deal with that are easier solved when I can free-form my thoughts out infront of me. This is easy when working in a typical office, so it's nice to also have the option when I'm at home.

Lastly, having both a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse has been a nice touch for both flexibility and clearing my desk of extras wires.

3. Make it Comfortable

There's not much to say on this other than it's nice to have a few creature-comforts in your office. Here are a few that I've really enjoyed:

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