I've attended and spoken at several professional conferences, festivals, and meetups over the years.  Take a look at some of my prior speaking engagements! Feel free to reach out if you need a presenter or keynote speaker at one of your events.

Mar 5, 2023

I spoke at the local MLOps Community meetup and hosted the event with my team at our Pluralsight HQ in Draper, Utah.

Jan 25, 2023

I gave a "lightning talk" at the local MLOps & AI meetup last night, where I shared an interactive Kahoot poll to gauge the community's opinions, understanding, and tech stack in MLOps.

Visit to SUU

Oct 28, 2022

I spent two days visiting my alma mater, Southern Utah University, where I spoke to 200+ students to share career advice and my story.

Sept 22, 2022

I led a team of engineers through a three-day hackathon. We developed a POC of a public-facing API using various technologies, specifically Python, FastAPI, Docker, and Snowflake. We presented our results to the company at the end of the hackathon.

Mar 12, 2020

I delivered a comprehensive presentation on forecasting and time series analysis, specifically using the R programming language, at Pluralsight's internal "PS Data 2020" conference. The focal point of the presentation was on the BSTS package, an open-source offering from Google, which facilitates the modeling of time series data using Bayesian statistics.

Nov 2, 2019

I spoke at the Big Mountain Data & Dev conference over the weekend on "Harmful Data Analysis Habits and How to Avoid Them". We covered CRISP-DM, a standard approach that can be taken in any data analysis, along with the importance of reproducible analysis, version control, and peer review. 

Mar 28, 2019

I presented my findings and research on "How Much is That Second Major Worth?" at Southern Utah University's Festival of Excellence. The study examined the difference in individual earnings between college graduates who select to double-major for their bachelor’s degree versus college graduates who select to only single-major for their bachelor’s degree.

Linkedin Seminar

Nov 7, 2017

I organized and spoke at a seminar for 300+ students to learn about (1) what is Linkedin and why is it important, (2) how to create a professional Linkedin profile, and (3) how to use Linkedin as a tool to help secure a job after college and make valuable connections.