Ways to Learn Python

Ways to Learn Python

Feb 17, 2023   ·  2 min read

Don't be afraid to approach how you learn Python in a variety of ways. 

NOTE: This article was inspired by my much larger article on Learn How to Program in Python.

There are many ways to learn Python so don't be afraid to approach your learning in a variety of ways. However, don't just wing it. Your time is precious and deserves to be prioritized over wasting it on mediocre books, YouTube videos, etc. In no particular order, these are the resources I recommend to anyone who is brand-new to Python.

Tip #1 - Use a curated curriculum to guide your learning.

I personally use Pluralsight, an online education platform, to help me learn skills like Python faster and to track my progress. The platform offers a host of video courses, interactive content, and assessments that can help you move from beginner to expert, quickly.  I highly recommend signing up for free to use their Skill IQ tests to assess your proficiency in Python and receive helpful feedback on what you should focus your learning on! Their "Skill IQ" assessments will help you identify your skill gaps in Python and recommend relevant content to help you fill those skill gaps.

They have two great learning paths, one for general programming and another for data analysis/science skills:

Tip #2 - Write code and use platforms that help you do so.

There comes a point where you will need to put down the studying and just write code. Starting out, try using websites/apps that offer interactive puzzles and questions to help you get hands-on experience, like the following:

Aside from using the above platforms, make sure you utilize and get involved with the open-source community!

Tip #3 - Spend time reading through a helpful book.

Seriously, it's helpful to switch gears from watching videos and hacking together pieces of code. You'll find that sitting down with a well-crafted book can be very enlightening to your learning and will give you a new frame of reference. I recommend reading Python Head First, 2nd Edition, an in-depth and intuitive book on Python.

Tip #4 - Find a personal project.

Having a project to apply your learning towards is the best way to find a passion for a new programming language and reinforce your skills. Find a way to use Python for your benefit in the form of a project, whether that might be a homework assignment, school project, your job, or a personal project that you're interested in.

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