A Brief History of Python

A Brief History of Python

 Feb 12, 2023   ·  2 min read

Released back in 1994 by Guido van Rossum, Python is now the most popular programming language in the world. 

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NOTE: This article was inspired by my much larger article on Learn How to Program in Python.

Python has come to be known as the "Swiss army knife" of programming due to its wide range of abilities. To learn how to program in Python, it's helpful to first have an awareness of its history. Below you can see my scrollable diagram of the summarized history that led to the development and release of the Python programming language.

www.jacoblyman.com - History of Python.pdf

Since the original release of Python in 1990, the language has gathered a vast and helpful community of enthusiasts and professionals. Some popular landing pages for the community include python.org and us.pycon.org.

Ongoing innovations from the community can be found in the "Python Package Index" (pypi.org). This is where you can download modules/packages from (more on that later!) and publish your own for others to use. Through the approval process of "Python Enhancement Proposals" (peps.python.org), the community grows the functionality of Python's core tooling. This same process has even developed a quirky, yet helpful, approach to Python programming, called the "Zen of Python." 

Some points from the Zen of Python are:

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