I've Joined Comet!

Dec 8, 2023   ·  5 min read

I'm now an MLOps Engineer at Comet.

I am thrilled to share that I've joined the innovative team at Comet this week!

What is Comet?

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science continue to define the century, Comet is at the forefront, paving the way to help enterprises embark into a brave new world with its MLOps platform.

Comet plays in areas that I've been passionate about over the last decade while studying and working in this space. Most notably, we specialize in experiment management and model production monitoring, which I've had firsthand experience having to build custom systems for my own ML projects, as well as for the teams I've supported. These two areas of the ML lifecycle are absolutely crucial to ensure the success and ROI of AI/ML/DS.

Why Comet?

Short story

A recruiter reached out to me three months ago. Seven interviews later, along with a handful of logistical phone calls, and I was extend a job offer – I accepted!

Long story

MLOps tooling is becoming evermore crucial for Data Science teams and their success, so much so that I've decided to join a startup aiming to create such a platform. These platforms will be a crucial part of how AI/ML/DS practitioners do their work in the future.

Some companies have become jaded by “data science” and its inability to ROI like they had expected (or were promised). Not necessarily because it can’t ROI… it’s just not always that easy. Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI are difficult fields and often require hard work, talent, and real investment to get right. It’s said that ~80% of ML models these days never make it into production. The emerging discipline of MLOps aims to solve this very problem.

While I'll be working in a space that I'm passionate about, I'm also excited to meet with Data Science teams from all over the world to discuss their use-cases, learn about their current practices, and evangelize MLOps tooling like Comet. 

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