You can see a list of my articles and projects on R below!

The Tidyverse is a modern approach to R that narrows the number of packages that new users need to know to just eight powerful and cohesive packages. If you are new to R, there is no better place to start learning than the Tidyverse.

I delivered a comprehensive presentation on forecasting and time series analysis, specifically using the R programming language. The focal point of the presentation was on the BSTS package, an open-source offering from Google, which facilitates the modeling of time series data using Bayesian statistics and MCMC simulations.

Recommending the right questions for a programmer to solve is a challenge for online education platforms. Nevertheless, this is essential to keep users engaged.

One of my senior projects from my undergrad was an exploratory data analysis of a local company's data using R, Tableau, and Excel. Essentially, this analysis answered the question “Where does the company’s business come from?” with one of the artifacts from the analysis being a simple, interactive Tableau dashboard.