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New tools are coming out every day that can make our work easier within the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. Comet ML is a promising tool that offers a platform with several helpful features, one being experiment management.

As a pet project, I built a system using Airflow, Docker, Python, and an AWS S3 bucket to monitor and track Bitcoin price fluctuations. When scheduled, the Airflow DAG file_to_S3 (1) hits the coinbase API every five minutes, (2) writes the results into an AWS S3 bucket, and (3) sends a confirmation to my personal email.

During my last semester in college, I was brushing up on many topics that I had studied throughout my education. One of those topics was SQL. I had taken a class and a few online courses on SQL and Database Design & Management before, but I was hoping to improve my skills before I graduated and entered a career in Data. There was one problem, though: I didn't have a working environment to practice my SQL.

Recommending the right questions for a programmer to solve is a challenge for online education platforms. Nevertheless, this is essential to keep users engaged.

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