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Cloudtops – A Remote Workstation

With my team, we developed a novel and successful new approach for deploying remote workstations for data scientists.

How I Failed the CKA Exam

I didn't pass my CKA exam, but I learned a lot through the process. Here's my advice and lessons learned from taking the exam and what I plan on doing before I take it again.

I led a team of engineers through a three-day hackathon. We developed a POC of a public-facing API using various technologies, specifically Python, FastAPI, Docker, and Snowflake. We presented our results to the company at the end of the hackathon.

As a pet project, I built a system using Airflow, Docker, Python, and an AWS S3 bucket to monitor and track Bitcoin price fluctuations. When scheduled, the Airflow DAG file_to_S3 (1) hits the coinbase API every five minutes, (2) writes the results into an AWS S3 bucket, and (3) sends a confirmation to my personal email.